Deleting Sent Items Caused Them to Disappear

Submitted by D2D on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 12:15

A regular customer called.  He noticed that he had a lot of Sent Items in his email on his phone.  Not understanding how Microsoft Exchange works, he proceeded to delete Sent Items from his phone - several hundred items that were a record of legal transactions.

It is an understatement to say that the customer was somewhat disconcerted when he looked for the sent items on his computer and found that they were no longer there and not in his Deleted Items folder (oops).

This was not something that I had seen before.  I looked for backup OST (Outlook Exchange or IMAP) or PST (Outlook Archive or POP) files that would bail us out, but his Carbonite service was not backing up his OST, and he had not archived things in a while.

It turns out that when you are in the Deleted Items folder. there is a button on the ribbon that says "Recover Deleted Items From Server".  After clicking this button, it took a few seconds to figure out that the date that was is the deleted date, not the document date.  Now I just Had to select everything from the customer and click OK (be careful that "Restore Selected Items" is selected).  The customer's world was right again!

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