Drupal Tip - Metatag update breaks site

Submitted by D2D on Wed, 04/08/2020 - 10:02

It's always comforting to know that I am working on a backup when I first attempt to update a module or Drupal core.


My Status Report  said that I should update several modules, including Metatag.  Updating the modules caused the site to break.  The error message indicated that the problem was with the Metatag module.  I extracted the backup again on my demo site, and repeated the process to be sure that I wasn't dealing with a one=time glitch.  The problem occurred again.


After another extraction on my demo site, I checked further on the Status Report.  There was a note that the Metatag update requires Drupal 8.8.5.  I updated core and repeated the procedure - another failure.


A little research in Me Metatag issue queue showed that this has been a problem for others.  The conventional wisdom was to clear cache using Drush.  I have nevver been able to install Drush on my demo account, so that wasn't going to work.


Reading farther I found a reference to opening the site in another tab.  I then opened the page <demosite>/<subsite>/admin - where demosite id the URL of the domain where I do my demos and tests and subsite is the folder where the demo version of the site I am working on is installed.  Surprisingly, the admin page came up and I was able to flush the cache.  The site was working again.

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