Drupal Tip - Missing Step in Instructions for Creating Popups with Simple the Popup Blocks Module

Submitted by D2D on Wed, 10/23/2019 - 15:46
The Drupal.org website at https://www.drupal.org/docs/8/modules/simple-popup-blocks offers the following procedure for creating popups:
1. Install Simple popup blocks drupal 8 module.

2. Go to admin > media > config > Add simple popup blocks

3. Choose the identifier, i.e, Drupal blocks or custom css selector and choose/give correct values.

4. Choose the popup position

5. Give visit counts, so the popup will trigger on particular page visits only.

Example values:
0 = Show popup on users each visit
1,2 = Show popup on users first and second visit
1,4,7 = Show popup on users first, forth and seventh visit

6. Set the trigger method as Automatic

7. Set Delay, Overlay, Minimize button, Close button, ESC key to close based on your requirement.

8. Finally, click Convert to popup.

9. Go to your popup page. That's all.

The problem is that there is a step missing.  First you have to create the block, which is relatively obvious.  What is not obvious is that you can't choose the block that you have created until you have placed it somewhere on the site using Admin-Structure-Block Layout.  Once you convert the block, it will no longer appear in the position where you placed it.

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